Spring 2014 Fidelity Support

Region 8

Spring Fidelity Support Session Description:

Fidelity Support Sessions assist local leadership teams in gauging progress with implementation plans for RttT initiatives. During the Spring 2014 Fidelity Support sessions, local teams will:

  • ­Review professional development goals established at past Summer Institutes to identify progress and establish next steps to target improved measurable student achievement.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of local professional development efforts since the Fall Fidelity Support session.
  • Identify data sources and strategies for applying student achievement results to professional development planning.
  • Plan for ongoing maintenance and future goals for local professional development after RttT.
  • Continue planning for Summer Institute presentations from regional district teams.

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Thursday, Feb. 27th, 9am-3:30pm

WRESA 1459 Sand Hill Road Candler, NC 28715

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If your team is unable to attend this session, contact your PD Leads.

What to bring

  • Laptop
  • 1 power strip per team
  • Current PD Plan
  • Any relevant data (Goal Summaries and other test results, EVAAS Data, mClass Reading 3D, mid-year benchmark data)
  • Data collection/feedback tools developed for PD evaluation

Who to bring

Local Teams of 5-7 district and charter school representatives from Summer Institutes to include district staff, principals, and teachers/teacher leaders. Team size may vary based upon LEA/Charters and/or available seats in each region. Please be sure to include principals and teachers on your Fidelity Support Team.

Agenda Topics

Celebrate Accomplishments

Review/Analyze/Discuss PD Plans

Cause and Effect Data and the PD Plan

Collegial Conversations

Vision, Goals, Action Steps

Summer Institute 2014


Joyce Gardner



Becky Pearson



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