What are the parts of the ending?

Informational writing piece- The ending is found at the end.

The definition of an ending to help you understand better!

Ending-The very last final step of of something, in this case the final step is of a essay. Also Restating main points that you made early on.

Ending- Conclusion

A conclusion is part of the ending. It finishes and builds up (wraps up) the main points you made at the beginning, Making the piece of writing a WHOLE.

Parts of the conclusion- Informational

#1 Modified focus- Un-argueable, don't change the meaning of your focus, just the wording!

#2 Modified Thesis- This is what your opinion is and 3 thesis evidence supports! Change the wording of this thesis but make sure it has the same meaning as your first thesis.

#3 Challenge statement- This is what gets the reader thinking, its their last thought that can make them just want to read more and more!

You may ask, How are all the pieces connected?

They all go hand in hand with each other letting the viewer know the story is almost to an end, and restating again to make sure the viewer understands!
Ending - Informational Writing

Why is the ending important to young writers, how can they improve their skills?

This is important for young writers so they develop new skills and stamina in their brain that they may later on use in life, and in further writing pieces. They can improve their skills by, practicing and practicing the ending of their informational writing pieces and often, this is the ending to an argumentative writing piece!

Example of my content!

Modified Focus

Many of children’s death in the Victorian Era was caused by child labor.

Modified thesis

Many children in the victorian area had lots of injuries or had passed away from the cause of child labor because, in the coal mines it was dark which over time it affected eyesight, When children completed chimney sweeps there was a cruel outcome, and Children completed dirty, cruel jobs in factories/mills.

Challenge statement

Imagine, all of the hard work the children have completed and they do not even get a good or average outcome from all of the hard work they’ve done.

My formula for remembering the ending,

The __________ Gives the reader A S_____ Of _______

(blank 1) ending (blank 2) sense (blank 3) closure

By: Madison