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Issue 1: November 20th 2015

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Welcome to Room 104

Thank you to everyone for your support and understanding throughout the work to rule job action. It has been difficult not being able to share all the amazing learning that we have been doing at school.

September was a time of getting to know each other and learning the school routines and expectations. The students quickly made new friends and discovered favourite activities in the classroom.

In October we began our study of letters especially those letters in our names. As a class we created our letter/sound book which has quickly become a favourite choice for quiet reading time. We also watched as the leaves changed colour and fell from the trees. We collected leaves to make art and to practise sorting by colour. October also saw our first investigation as we made observations and predictions about our class pumpkin.

So far in November we have been talking about peace and the ways we can get along with each other. The kindergarten students performed the song "Can you have a Peaceful Day" for the Remembrance Day assembly and we all wore our poppies with pride to remember all the soldiers that died so that we can be free. We have also been learning the 4 steps to sorry. Ask your children to tell you about how we say sorry. More information will follow in later newsletters.

Please make sure your child is dressed for the weather. We go outside EVERY day.


  • Poetry Folders come home every Friday, please have fun reading the poems/songs together. Make sure the folders come back to school in the mailbag on Monday so we can add the new page.
  • Please label all clothing (hats, gloves, sweaters, coats etc.) and lunch containers, drink bottles etc. That way we can make sure all belongings get returned to their owners.
  • We have 25 students in the class so getting ready takes a long time, it is reallyh elpful to us if they children are as independent as possible. Please help your child practise putting on their coats and zipping them up and also doing up their own shoes (velcro really makes this job easier.)

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