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You Asked For It….You Got It!

Does most of your business come from referrals and word-of-mouth? Is repeat business important to you in hitting your goals and growing your business this year? If the answer is yes, what are you doing to make sure your name is in front of your buyers all year so you get repeat business and are top of mind when someone asks for a referral? For most, the answer is “I wait for the phone to ring”. For the top producers, they implement marketing campaigns that keep them top of mind using email and social media tied together to get maximum exposure.

If you don’t have time to design, test, send, and measure marketing campaigns or you would rather spend your time selling, you're not alone. By taking advantage of the marketing service from OutboundEngine who has partnered with Your EmbroidMe Ad Fund, you will be able to level up your marketing efforts dramatically without spending an extra minute on them. OutboundEngine will design and send marketing campaigns branded for EmbroidMe store owners that make you look professional and generate orders.

Your EmbroidMe Ad Fund

  • We have negotiated amazing pricing exclusively for our store owners where you can take advantage of OutboundEngine's Automated Email Marketing and Social Sharing Engine for over 50% off.
  • And even better... we are going to pay for over 30% of your costs for the first 6 months with the program for the first 100 stores who sign up for the program.
  • To help make this as affordable as possible, Your EmbroidMe Ad Fund will also be covering the setup fee to get started for the first 50 stores who get registered ($149 setup fee).

This program will keep you top of mind without you having to lift a finger, help you remind your clients of important events/seasons before they happen, and help you follow up with the right people at the right time by providing real-time warm leads once they interact with any campaign.

Sample Campaigns

Automated Social Sharing

How to Get Started

You have two easy ways to get started before the next campaign goes out which is themed for Trade Shows and Events:

Your Designated OutboundEngine Rep

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