The Prefix.......done by Kirill P.


A way or track laid down for walking or made by continual treading.


Weather it is your path to success , citizenship or of a park trail with your dog your path will always be there. Whether you have a plan in life or you don't , you have a path , even if you don't know it.Everybody has a path in their life. When you find your path, everything will be clear. You can choose your custom path for an EXTRA TEN DOLLARS!


This Prefix can lead you to wherever you want to go! Its like a GPS for your mind and body.It could be in your head , body , or on a map. If you want to do anything in your life then you will be making a path. Other people can follow you in your footsteps , and those footsteps that you took is your path. Believe in yourself today.


Path is the one of the top leading prefixes! Other prefixes dont even scratch the surface of path. 40 words use our prefix "path". Used in the military , schools , by police officers , students and pretty much everyone in this world. It has even been used by celebrities , over the years! Everyone from year 1 to 2013 and still today. BE LIKE THE CELEBRITIES. FEATURED IN MOST MOVIES!

Short Story

Once was a bob named man. He spent his whole life trying to find something he was good at. He tried everything from professional Alphabet burping to a Zoo keeper. He found out he liked to make life plans and paths for celebrities. Most thought it was superflous to do it but Brittany S. didn't. He loved this new talent and actually made a decent living by his self.


From the unfortunately homeless people in New York to the very rich people in LA this word is for everybody. It ranges in sizes , all caps , some caps , or no caps. Prices may vary. People that want to succeed in life and to bring joy to their life use this word. If somebody hears you say this word , your respect automatically raises by about 90 points. PATH is awesome!