The powers of Congress

Expressed and Implied

Congress at work and the influence of the powers that they have

The framers of the constitution wanted congress to have the most power. This could have been because of a number of reasons there is no one answer. The powers congress has is because of clause 18 are called implied powers. Most powers delegated to congress are expressed powers. Clause 18 is often called the elastic clause because it has allowed congress to stretch its powers to meet new needs. But there are some power limitations. They have checks and balances to make sure everything is going smoothly and that no one gets too powerful. But they can override the president if both houses of congress have two- thirds vote. Congress has the power to influence the United States, they can override the president, they create bills and can pass them which directly affects people in the United States. They have expressed powers and implied. All the clauses that they have are very important and have a great impact in everyone's life. Some expressed powers include to coin money and regulate its value, to define and punish crimes at sea, and to establish and collect taxes duties and exercises just to name a few. So this goes to show that Congress has a good bit of power that affects everyone.

"Congress has not unlimited powers to provide for the general welfare, but only those specifically enumerated." Thomas Jefferson