Senior Newsletter

Class of 2020

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A message from Ms. Hunter, OT’s College & Career Readiness Specialist:

OTHS Decision Day is going virtual! The CCC and CMC have come together to bring Decision Day right to you during these hard times. We are acknowledging ALL seniors who are graduating and making a decision to better themselves after high school whether that be going to a 4-year, 2-year, trade school, military, taking a gap year, etc.! Since we cannot host a Scholarship Banquet, we will also be celebrating our scholarship recipients during Decision Day as a combined event. Here are the details:

Friday, May 22, 2020 @2:00pm

Via Zoom – Link sent after Senior Survey is completed:

Ms. Morrison will do our Decision Day Welcome and students will enjoy a senior slideshow, prize drawings, and a chance to connect and message each other. Students will be contacted directly with all of the information.

In order for us to have a quality event, seniors must fill out the senior survey so that we can announce and celebrate our students. Seniors need to complete the survey by May15th!! The survey is also their raffle ticket entry. The first 100 students who complete the survey will receive 3 extra drawing entries. We are giving away laptops, Dorm Kits, gift cards, and college swag!!

This year, we are also offering families a way to be a part of Decision Day: Fill out this form by May 15th and your message will be included in the slideshow:

A message from Elizabeth Falkner, College Mentoring Committee Chair:

These are the two big year-end events sponsored by the College & Career Center team and the PTSA College Mentoring Committee. As parents, your role is making sure your student completes the Senior Survey by Friday, May 15th! You can also be a part of the Family Messages sequence, but these are STUDENT events.

Even if a student doesn’t want to attend, this survey is paramount. Normally, our CCC staff and Counseling team would have been visiting 12th grade classrooms and encouraging students to complete the survey. Since that can’t happen, we are asking families to make sure your grad does it! Also, this year, the survey is sponsored by our College Access partners, so it’s called “DCAC/EAOP/SCEC Senior Survey”. ALL Oakland Tech Seniors need to complete this form, not just students in the programs.

For those parents who aren’t familiar with what traditionally happens, both of these events are held during the school day and are for students only:

Decision Day is a carnival day on the OT field after lunch period where Seniors play carnival games, enjoy music and snacks, and share their post-graduation plans. Normally, an exciting part of the event is when Ms. Hunter does multiple drawings for a few major prizes like laptops and dorm kits as well as smaller items like gift cards and college swag.

Scholarship Ceremony/Banquet is a smaller gathering in the library to recognize the students who earned scholarships they will utilize for their post-secondary education. We normally feed the kids a nice lunch and cake and have a few speakers including local organizations that have awarded the scholarships to present to the recipients. (All scholarship information was based on self-reporting, so the Senior Survey has always been important.)