Join us as we talk REFLECTION with Pete Hall

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Question 1

Q1. How do you define self-reflection?

Question 2

Q2. How reflective are you right now? How do you know? When do you reflect?

Question 3

Q3. John Dewey once said: "It's not the doing that matters, it's the thinking about the doing." What does this mean to you?

Question 4

Q4. How might we, as educators, increase our reflective practices? What tools and/or strategies do you currently use?

Question 5

Q5. Share how you have used self-reflection to reveal deeper understandings of your practice & increase your power to make purposeful improvements.

Question 6

Q6. What are some ways that admin, ICs, and other leaders help nurture a culture of self-reflection within your school?

Question 7

Q7. If increasing your self-reflective habits were a New Year's Resolution for you, what might that include for you? What support might you need?

Question 8

Q8. What burning questions do you have for @educationhall?

Pete Hall & Alissa Simeral

I have included a link to the background into Pete & Alissa's work with Teach, Reflect, Learn and also a video below.
How Teachers Can Use Teach, Reflect, Learn