Perth, Western Australia

A small city with tons of wonder as you explore the fine quizene and colorful history, in the city of Perth.

Perth's Provisions

Learn about the main foods that are grown and produced in Perth. if you're a vegetarian than you won't like this. Most of the population in Perth are meat eaters, sorry vegetarians. Well if you're looking for some breakfast, then you'll probably going to be eating some scrambled eggs covered in tomato sauce, with some MEAT or fruit or what ever.Looking for some grub then go ahead and eat some fruit, bread, meat, and veggies, (sound filling right). Don't forget dinner though be prepared for some succulent, ripe fruits like mangos. Then a big 'ol' plate of Meat or veggies. So be prepared to eat some Meat cause we'll treat you like royalty when you eat.

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Chronicles of Perth

Perth is a place of wonderful history, and bright colorful art. Speaking of history, when the Europeans were colonizing they stopped of in Australia and pushed the native people to the middle of the island. Don't worry though only a few thousand people died. A few years later After WW1 many europeans immigrants came to Australia, so be warned; many european accents that may annoy you. Speaking of world wars, after WW2 japanese immigrants traveled to Australia. Hope you like japanese food. Back on art now, Perth has tons of art galleries like, the Western Australian art gallery. Even though the history may be a bit strange Perth is still a wonderful place to visit so come on down.

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Perthian Pleasure

With holidays and sports year round, how can you not love Perth? If you like sports then you're in for a treat, we have sports here durring all seasons especially summer. In the summer we have sports like golf and tennis. What don't like summer, well we've got winter sports like football and rugby too. Don't forget the holidays like Christmas, we have that holiday and more. Thank goodness perth allows you to celebrate all the native holidays you usually would. We still have some exotic holidays here though like the day where farmers are advertised by the who city. With sports and holidays like this who wouldn't love to come to Perth.

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Perth Hotspots

If you come a knocking then you should visit some of these must see hotspots. Archeologist welcome, got an ancient fossil hidden deep in the bowels of Mammoth Cave. If you want the comfort of swimming but, without the sunlight then Lake Cave is the place for you. A cave with lake in it how interesting. If you're looking for an icon then Wave Rock is the rock for you. Unusually shaped like a wave, Wave Rock is an Australian icon. Indiana Jones fans welcome; if you want to see some beautiful stones but have fantastic adventures too then Jewel cave is the place for you. 580 centimeter stalactites, that sounds cool dude. These are som of the natural hotspots in Perth you my visit soon.

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Perth Slang

Understand the language and slang of Perth before you come, on dow to visit. Britain took over Perth so the main language spoken is British English. You may not have known this but, Australia has slang just like America does. Wait are you telling me that you only speak english? No problem then, all of the newspapers printed here are in English, isn't that amazing. Last of all if your going to say "good day mate" say "good doi mate". So now that you know the language you can come on down to Perth.

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Perth Elements

Learn the seasons and temperatures here in Perth before you pack your bags and head down here. Is sunlight a problem for you then here the solution, Perth only experiences an average of 8 hours of sunlight. Here we're in the southern hemisphere of the world so the seasons are opposite. December-February is Summer and June- August is Winter weird i know. The record for hottest temperature in Perth is 115 degrees Fahrenheit. No problem for any one, right? If it gets that hot it can't get that cold, can it? The coldest temperature ever was 0 degrees Fahrenheit not to cold. Pack your bags and head on down to Perth and experience the world.


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