Miss Branchick's Newsletter

December 7-11, 2015

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Acuity Tests contd

Monday, November 30th- Math from 1:15-2:15pm- complete

Friday, December 4th- Reading from 7:50-8:55am- complete

Friday, December 11th- Language Arts from 8:38-9:23am

I will send be sending home a data sheet with all of the important testing scores we have taken so far this year once I have all of the Acuity test scores updated. I will include a letter explaining the scores, trends I saw, as well as, things you can work on at home with your child.

Music Program Dates

Mark your calendars! The third grade music program date is as follows:

Classes of Stegemoller, Branchick, and Wegner on Thursday December 10th at 7:00pm.

Students should dress up like they are going out to dinner and may also wear a
favorite Christmas hat.

The program will be held in the South gymnasium. Students should arrive to our classroom by 6:45pm so we can line up and calm our jitters! If your child wears a coat, please hold onto it when you go back to the gym to watch their performance. Students will not be coming back to the classroom after the performance.

Holiday Party

Our Holiday Party will be on Thursday, December 17th, from 1:30 until the end of the day.

If you would like to help out in some way, please let me know. This may mean providing a treat for the students to enjoy or coming in to lead a craft or activity.

Homework over Holiday Break

It is important for students to continue working on school over over holiday break. I will be providing two options.

Students can have a packet sent home over break. It is expected that students complete this packet and return it the first day of school, January 4th, after break.


Students can work entirely on the computer. I will create assignments on ScootPad for students to work on and I will check that it is completed when we return on the first day of school, January 4th, after break.

I will be sending home a half sheet of paper on Monday, December 7th, for you to sign up for your preferred choice. If I do not have the half sheet returned by Wednesday, December 16th, I will give your child a packet.

If you have any questions about this, please let me know.

KKids Canned Food Drive

The K-Kids food drive has been extended through Friday, Decemeber 11th. These canned goods will then be given to the Kiwanis club and will be shared with those in our Danville Community who need assistance this Christmas break.

Anything you can donate is greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!

This week in room 506


Miss Branchick's Math Class-

Unit 10- Perimeter and Area

Monday- Assessment

Tuesday through Friday students will be working on the Area and Perimeter Zoo project in class. There will not be any whole class lessons, instead, as they are working I will be pulling small groups of students to review what they might have missed on the math Acuity test.


3.M.5- I can find the area of a rectangle using learned strategies.

3.M.6- I can multiply side lengths to find the area in real-world problems.

3.M.7- I can find perimeters of polygons.

Social Studies:

We are working on Chapter 3.


We have started our Informational Writing Unit. Everyone picked an Endangered Animal to research. We have started writing our rough drafts! When we are finished writing, we will rewrite them in our best handwriting. I was hoping to type them but the computer labs have been booked until break due to Acuity testing.

We are also teaming up with Miss Sweet in art class. She has graciously allowed us to incorporate our Endangered Animals into their Landscape portraits! I can't wait to see the finished products!


Unit 3 Week 2-

  • Comprehension Strategy: Visualize
  • Comprehension Skill: Cause and Effect
  • Genre: Literature- Historical Fiction
  • Vocabulary Strategy: Idioms
  • Phonics: r-Controlled Vowels, contd

Spelling will continue this week, with the exception of a pretest. Students will receive spelling words tomorrow morning, along with a spelling choice board of suggested activities they can work on. We will take a spelling test on Friday morning.

Spelling- r-Controlled Vowels

  1. sharp

  2. carve

  3. artist

  4. orchard

  5. porch

  6. storm

  7. tortilla

  8. order

  9. sore

  10. shore

  11. ignore

  12. soaring

  13. uproar

  14. your

  15. pour


  1. amazement- When you look at something with amazement, you are surprised.

  2. bravery- Bravery is courage when facing danger.

  3. disappear- When things disappear, you cannot see them anymore.

  4. donated- If you donated something to a person or group, you gave something up to help.

  5. leader- A leader is a person who guides or leads others.

  6. nervous- If you are nervous, you are upset or worried about something.

  7. refused- If you refused to do something, you would not do it.

  8. temporary- Something that is temporary lasts only for a short time.

Scholastic Book Orders

Every month I am going to send home Scholastic Book Order forms. You can either write a check or order your books online. Our class code is MC9FK. All orders help our classroom library grow!!

Orders can be submitted any time you or I place an order because I have free shipping this year =)


Below are links to the websites students will have access to at school and at home:

Tumblebooks is registered for grades K-4 so North and South share.