Acting Tips

By Grayson Adair

Things to over come

  • Shyness- One way to overcome shyness is by getting in front of people and just going over your roles.

  • Nervousness- One way to over come being nervous is by knowing what you are doing. You should know your lines so you don't mess up.

Things you should know and do

  • Using your Body to Act out the Character- This is saying that you need to use body movement, No one likes a person that just stands there and speak to the camera.

  • Knowing your character- You have to know what type if character your person is, example is the character funny, sad.

  • Concentration- You need to get enough sleep so you can focus, and not doze off.

  • Imagination- You need to make Imagination must seem real and appear real to others.

Believing In Your Self

You have to belief in yourself comes with practice and built in confidence.

I think this is really important not just in acting but in life. If you don`t believe in your self you cant really achieve anything.