2nd Semester- New Year! Fresh Start

Let's get rolling....

2nd semester observations

2nd semester observation process:

o 2 Briefs (before Formative)

o 1 Formative

o Observations are “unannounced”

o Student Survey information (Standards 3—Instructional Strategies, 4—Differentiated Instruction, 7—Positive Learning Environment, & 8-Academically Challenging Environment)

Review link below that explains how to review student evaluations

—Students completed surveys on November 17th & 18th

o 1 Summative Assessment

o Annual Evaluation Conference

- Uploading documentation is on an “as needed” basis.

- 20 Hour Staff Development Form

- 2 Peer Observations (1 Within Dept. / 1 Outside Dept.) to be completed by March 25th

- Duty Coverage / Attendance Every Period, Every Day

SPED Teachers Only- Confirmation about 2nd semester observation process

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