Jake Tallman

What is a Tallman?

Brief Bio

I was born in Billings Montana, shockingly the largest city in Montana. I grew up on a fairly large estate in the outskirts of town burrowed in the mountains. Growing up we owned a plethora of animals from horses to snakes to cats and dogs. When I was eight I moved to Utah with my mother and my brother into a small house near Liberty park. It was a significant change for me to move into a city so much larger than that of my birthplace, but I have lived is Salt Lake for a while now so I am quite used to the city life.

As far as my hobbies are concerned I am an avid snowboarder and mountain biker, in my studies i enjoy math and the sciences. I enjoy traveling particularly travel that involves and activity like a back packing trip or a week at a ski resort.

My Hobbies and Passions

Cat Jump Fail with Music: Sail by AWOLNATION

Usefulness of Smores?

I prefer the food over the webpage by far and i do not expect to use the web page again. Its not a bad tool for creating this sort of fun little thing however i do not see myself needing to make a significant amount of these fliers.