The Bluebottle

By:Madeleine Bell


Imagine this, you are in the Pacific ocean. Then, you see something floating in the water. It is the clear brilliant blue float of the Portuguese man of war.In addition to this, the Pacific ocean is full of these amazing sea creatures. These siphonophores have a fascinating diet, habitat, and way of movement. To sum up, the man of war is one of a kind.


To conclude, the Portuguese man of war is an amazing marine animal along with it’s fascinating diet, habitat , and way of movement. So next you see a brilliant colored sail floating in the water, you’ll know it’s the float of the fantastic Portuguese man of war.

Think Tank

In the Think Tank I made a poem and a Quizzle so you can learn more about the Portuguese man of war.


The Portuguese man of war

There is so much to explore

It is such an odd creature

With such intricate features

The tentacles can get up to 165 feet

Something you wouldn’t want to meet

Their way of movement is their sail

And this method does not fail

When there is danger they deflate their float

But when its inflated it looks like a boat

Man of war go back 600 million years

And other marine life have lots of fear

As you know they are odd creatures

With a beautiful float as one of their features

Go fish

In this Go Fish activity, I was provided with a fish tank and a filter. The rest Tala and I did. We created a coral reef themed tank. We had a budget of $250 and on supplies we spent $129.22. The best part was getting the fish we wanted in our tank.We purchased 6 marine animals. A black racer nerite snail, three long finned zebra danio, a red clawed crab, a Silver Hatchetfish, a Dwarf Gourami, and four Fancy guppies. All the fish together were $31.36. Altogether it was $160.58. To conclude my group and I were under budget when we completed our project and it was a lot of fun doing this activity.


My diarama includes the Portuguese man of war, the sea horse, sea anemone, turtle, parrot fish, starfish,jellyfish,coral, and clownfish.
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Here are a few pictures of the Portuguese man of war.
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This is my quizzle for the Portuguese Man-of-War.