Final Project

By- Bryce Small

Advantages/Disadvantages of sharing online

Advantage 1- You can show off something good that you did

Advantage 2- You can see what your friends/you have been up too.

Disadvantage 1- You can post something that could hurt someones feelings.

Disadvantage 2- You can post something that will make colleges not want to accept you.


Cyberbulling is when someone bullies someone online. An example would be post a mean picture about someone on social media. It escalates what someone post something that he/she knows is going to make people mad. The victim can report it to a trusted adult or delete whatever they are getting bullied on. You can de-escalate by reporting the photo starting drama or tell an adult who will do something about it like a school official.

Media Usage

The hardest for me to give up would have to be Video games. I love playing video games with my friends. Technology has a big part of my life because i watch tv play video games and use my phone alot. Yes teens feel that they have to look good at all times on social media and online. The pressure is different because girls seem to feel even more pressured to look good online.

Violence in the media

Alot of children enjoy video games and action movies and watching violence can make children want to perform it and that it is "not that bad". I do agree because watching it can make children think they have to or will do something that bad.

Body Image and the Media

I find it very inappropriate. I don't think people should be that concerned about another's weight. You should only care about your own weight. I think that lieing to everyone by fixing digitally is very wrong and is the reason alot of people are insecure about there weight. Media has a big impact on gender stereotypes because they post stuff that will make boys/girls insecure.

similarities/differences between ads

Similarities are that they both have a big picture with average size wording. They also both give valuable information like number and website.
They are different because the colors. Also because they way they persuade is different.

Both advertisers are trying to get people to buy their product or see there show. The ad is trying to target families who need a car or would like to watch a sea.