Healthy vs. Unhealthy Brain

the comparison of a healthy vs. unhealthy aging brain

By, Hannah Roussey

Period 1A


As time goes on, the brain begins to age similar to the rest of the body, and this can lead to some altercations that individuals experience as they age.

There are always side effects of aging whether its wrinkles, arthritis, hair pigment change, or the decrease in their sharpness of sight, but what people cannot visually see when others are aging are the differences in the brain that occur while people age.

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What happens when nothing is done to prevent Alzheimer's:

  • Gray matter deteriorates
  • Neurons begin to be unable to receive and give information

Preventions of Alzheimer's and other diseases related to aging:

  • Pick up a new hobby
  • Listen to new music
  • Do puzzles
  • Stay vaccinated
  • Healthy diet
  • Stay physically active