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by Billy R. Gosnell - December 11, 2015


We are in the countdown to our holiday break is down to fiveish days! We get our faculty devices on Friday, December 18 and get two weeks to mess around with them. I know that some of you will come back experts (so you can help me out)! Things are changing fast and furious. I know that we are always asking more and more of you and you take that on for the best for kiddos. You amaze me and I truly appreciate all that you do and continue to do. Enjoy this time with family and friends reflect on what we have and what we do. Come back refreshed and ready to tackle the second semester and end the year will be around the corner!
This Will Revolutionize Education

Revolutionizing Education

Blended Chapter #3: Start with the Rallying Cry

What we face today is how to make sure we are maximizing the tools of a "computer in every hand." In 1981, the average student to computer ratio in the U. S. was 1 to 125; in 2009 it was 1 to 5. How do we use computers to transform instructional practices and not become the SMARTBoard glorified blackboard? School communities must take deliberate steps to blend technology by first identifying the problem to solve, or goal to achieve. As the Heath brother proposed in Switch, we need to start with a rallying cry for where we want to go. The goal should be grounded in improving learning, not in how to utilize technology. Then, we may move on to how can technology assist in achieving this goal.

Switched Chapter #3: Script the Critical Moves

This chapter talks about decision paralysis. Change brings on new options and create a situation that can lead to decision paralysis because the most familiar path is always the status quo. Any successful change requires a translation of ambiguous goals into concrete behaviors (scripting the critical moves). One final piece of information that was extremely useful. Clarity dissolves Resistance. Don't make the solution bigger or more difficult than the problem.