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Alysha Hunter

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Personal Information

In April this year I turned 18 years of age. I come from an all Australian family of 5, growing up with two older brothers has allowed me to be quite well protected and influenced into sports. Sport has always been an influential aspect of my life, in particular playing basketball, athletics and netball have been great fun.

Volunteer Work and Charity Work

In 2012 and 2013 I completed a number of hours of volunteer work in a several different establishments. I had the opportunity to work in a toy library for underprivileged families, several primary schools in my area and local op shops in need of help. I valued my time at each place and through this i learnt that teaching was a career i wished to pursue. I have volunteered at the annual Breakfast for Breast cancer foundation fundraiser from 2010-2014, and have also given a lot of time to the Dementia foundation in the past 5 years due to my grandmother being diagnosed in 2010. This further influenced my future decisions and assured me that i want to help people understand the disasters of these diseases and to make sure my students have the knowledge.

Academic Information

In 2014 I graduated from Emmanuel Catholic College. I left the College with a WACE certificate, through completing my ATAR exams and achieving an ATAR mark of over 80. Throughout my time at the College I was strengthened by the importance of the school ethics and moral beliefs. From those beliefs I have strengthened my ability to act with compassion, respect and integrity, amongst key values held important by my school.


My goals for my education are to complete my degree in Primary Education and become a full time Primary School teacher in a primary school by 2019. I aspire to work hard in my studies with the intention of allowing myself to learn and grow into an effective teacher by the end of my degree. I hope to reach these goals and will push myself to do the very best i can.

Degree of Study

In February 2015 I began studying a Bachelor of Primary Education, specialising in Society and Environment. So far I have completed my first semester and am excited to begin my first classroom immersion practium this November.

Contact Details

Mobile : 0416302171