Chili Peppers

By Connor O'Leary


Chili Peppers have been around since 7500 B.C. After Christopher Columbus discovered them in the Caribbean, the chili pepper was then cultivated around the globe.

Botancial Information

Chili peppers are very spicy and are used to make recipes very hot. We use the peppers for medicinal purposes, pepper spray, crop and food defense

Culinary Uses

Chili peppers pods are used fresh or dried. Dried chili's can be ground into powders which are usually used on Mexican dishes. Chilies are seen in many cuisines

Ex: Kung Pao Chicken

Health Benefits

Chili peppers contain a large amount of Vitamin C and small amounts of carotene. Yellow and green peppers contain a smaller amount. Good source of vitamin B, very high in potassium, magnesium and iron.

Interesting Facts

1.Indian scientists have been working on grenades that are filled with chili pepper to harm the enemy.

2. Zulu Zulu peri peri is an African spice packed with chilies and tomatoes. It's a recipe in Africa that has been handed down for 400 years.

3. More than 140 varieties of chilies are grown in Mexico alone

4. Chili peppers are part of the national spice in Hungary