March 2014 KUDOS

Celebrating the LaCocoDots Successes!

MARCH into Spring!!!

Wow! What a month!!! We definitely finished the quarter strong and are looking to spring with bright eyes!! Not only did we have some amazing trunk shows and new stylist success, we also had team members across the country being inspired and re-ignited by attending the "Brighten Your Life" Tour, local meet-ups and the live webinar finished the month!! Spring is a time for renewal.... renewing the resolutions you made to yourself in January and fueling your business with the joy that spring brings.... there's never been a better time to reinvent yourself!!

Top Sales

Congrats to these amazing ladies for leading the way in sales this month!!!

1. Lindsey Hermida-Smyrna GA- $8,524.00

2. Alissa Graves- Smyrna GA- $6,366.75

3. Susan Carruth- MorgantonGA- $5,696.20

4. Meagan Puckett- KnoxvilleTN- $4,816.00

5. Anna Sample- Cave Creek AZ-$4,137.40

6. Kendall Duggan- Rome GA -$4,129.00

7. Carolyn Barnes -Cumming GA-$3,994.34

8. Laura Franco- Chicago IL -$3,517.30

9. Ashley Bardash- Columbia SC- $3,378.19

10. Natalie Poulos- Mableton, GA- $2,709.40

Congrats especially to two of our top 10, KENDALL and NATALIE who both joined at the end of February!!!!

Welcome New Stylists!!

Look Who Promoted!

Congratulations to Susan Carruth on her repromotion to Senior Stylist!!! Susan's tenacity and love for life are a huge inspiration to everyone she encounters!!


Congrats Lauren Train!!!

Congrats to Lauren and her sweet family on their newest addition, Mills, who arrived March 17th! This supermom managed to more than qualify in March, and earned her consistency bonus!! And to top it off, she already has 2 shows booked for April. Oh wait, and her house is on the market AND she's moving to Atlanta!!! Lauren, YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!

LaCocoDots Team

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