Drunk Driving Prevention

Mike McEntire and Gabe Segura

What we plan to do

  • All over the U.S. lives are lost to people drinking and driving. This can be easily prevented and we plan to do that.
  • We would put billboards near freeways to remind people not to drink and drive.
  • We would put PSA's on the radio to tell people to report any suspicious behavior of drunk driving.
  • We would put up posters around places where people go alot such as stores, bars or other places like parks and around streets.

What you can do

The D.D.P. wants you to help, so here's what you can do. When ever you see somebody driving with the signs of drunk driving report it to the police. When you do this you make you community a better and safer place.

About us

We are completely non profit organization dedicated to helping people to stop drinking and driving. We want people to think before they drive