Cordelia Hills

Staff Update, 8/1/2019

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to the 2019-2020 school year! I hope your summer has been relaxing and fulfilling. I just returned from the California Multi Tiered Systems of Support Conference in Long Beach. The event was interesting and it definitely affirmed much of the work we are doing on our campus and it gave me some ideas on tackling areas of growth into next year and beyond!

With school starting a bit later this year, I hope you get to enjoy a few more days of rest and relaxation. As some of the hardest working educators I know, you deserve all the time you can get!

Summer Updates

School availability: Custodial staff is on-site and available to let you in. Please reach out to Amos or myself if you have questions. Sandi is out this week and will be in and out next week. Keys will be available for check out the week of August 12th. If you have a special circumstance, please reach out and I will arrange to get you keys earlier. I am also available to get the school open at odd hours (I only live a few minutes away).

Staffing: We are 100% staffed on the certificated side. I'd like to welcome Samantha Sekelick to our first grade team. She comes to us from Suisun Elementary! Many of you had a chance to meet Kathy DuBois Herlax (Kinder) and Leah McElveen (4th/5th grade combo) before the break started but I just wanted to extend a welcome to them!

Classes: I know many of you have been poking around in Aeries and see some/all students enrolled in your class. Please note that the process is incomplete and so those lists may shift and be updated (as always).

Paving: All lots and playground have been repaved and striped this summer.

Calendar, Duty, and Release: Still in draft/under construction. Thanks for your patience.

Trotter Calendar

As always, you should have access to my calendar. I will send it out just in case. Here are some upcoming highlights:

8/2 and 8/5: Trotter off

8/6: Meeting with Leadership Associates (re: Assistant Supe of HR search firm) @ 1:45

8/8-8/9: Admin Council, all day

8/12: Elementary Level Meeting (7-11:30)

8/22: Staff meeting @ 8:00 AM, library

8/22: Noon Duty Training

8/23: TK, New Student, Kinder Orientation

8/26: First Day of School

2019-2020 District Calendar and CHE Schedule

District Calendar


--1st-5th Grade: 8:20-2:30

--Kinder, Early Group: 8:20-1:20

--Kinder, Late Group: 9:20-2:20

--TK AM: 8:20-11:40

--TK PM: 11:30-2:50

A video of my Top 3 Favorite Mammal


My favorite GOT character!

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