Common Core Standards 1 and 10

Students need to be able to read more complex texts

How do standards 1 and 10 work together to address...

How the CCSS suggest educators to determine a text's level of complexity?

What are the standards' suggestions for grade-level-appropriate texts?

What are the CCSS' expectations for literal comprehension?

What does the CCSS say about implication for instruction?

Text Level of Complexity?

No one system of measurement is sufficient.

Qualitative measures knowledge demands, language conventionality and clarity, meaning, and structure.

Quantitative measures can be calculated by computer software, things such as frequency, word and sentence length, and text cohesion.

Reader and Task Consideration Measures are underdeveloped but discuss the role of prior knowledge and motivation play and discuss how text complexity is situational.

Fontal and Pinnell's guide is a widely used leveling system but wasn't designed to be used to level high levels of text complexity.

What are the standards' suggestions for grade-level-appropriate texts?

Grade Band Exemplar Texts

How high is high enough?

Common Core's lists do not include commonly found books on bookshelves but with the classics. EX. Black Beauty

Contemporary children's literature is not preferred or known by the CCSS authors.

Lexile Levels Chart

Help teachers understand expectations for grade appropriate texts.

Common Core are more rigorous then Fontal and Pinnel but they are close.

Implications for Instruction

4) Implement your plan

Conduct running records

match readers to appropriate texts

provide extensive collection of high-interest accessible books.