The Jaguar Experience

Have some fun and enjoy augmented reality - Dubiski style!

Augmented Reality - Explained by Common Craft (Free Version)

A look at Aurasma - the fastest growing AR platform:

So what now . . .?

  1. Download the Aurasma app to your iPad or smartphone.
  2. Press the Search icon and type "dubiski".
  3. Select the Dubiski CHS channel
  4. Follow the channel, so you'll have access to the auras.
  5. When you find Trigger Images with the Aurasma logo included, place and hold the Viewfinder over the image to unlock the experience.
  6. Get with your teammates, and explore! If you want to use digital copy of the AR Hunt on your iPad, click here to download it. Otherwise, paper and pen are fine!

(HINT) Double tap the screen to bring a video into full view; double tap again to return.