Tierra Templada

The Pleasant Uplands

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What is found in the Tierra Templada?

The Tierra Templada consists of wet forests shown above in the figure. Jungles, Palms, various crops and bamboo are what you would find exploring the land.


Explore the various vegetation and crops that grow in the higher and lower elevation of the Tierra Templada. At lower elevation Farmers grow bananas and oranges because they love the heat, at higher elevation farmers tend to grow corn, beans, and other vegetables. Farmers main crop in the Tierra Templada is coffee beans because of the ideal weather conditions.


No need to bundle up, just the usual spring attire. The weather is usually a comfortable climate, so people dress light during the day but may change into warmer clothes on cool mornings or evenings.


Experience the beautiful flowers and rich jungles that grow throughout the Tierra Templada. Many people that live throughout the Tierra Templada grow flowers due to the ideal weather conditions. The flowers are distributed throughout the world. Also there are many Farmers that live throughout the Tierra Templada, some run small family farms others run large coffee plantations.


The choice is yours, concrete huts with tile roofs or Haciendas? Many residents of this area live in solid homes made of concrete brick or plaster covered in tile roofs. Other wealthier residents have the luxury of living in large estates called Haciendas.