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Newsletter: May week #2


  • After having our 1st RB, 55 Exchange Participants were raised in the system
  • Each EP has been allocated to an EP manager
  • During this past week more than 150 TN Managers were contacted
  • EP managers are doing their best to deliver the most suitable GCDP for their EPs, as a result 10 EPs are in the process of matching.
  • Saturday (10/05/2014) we had our 2nd RB with 15 Applicants

We are still aiming to reach more impact, so we invite you dear ANFAist to help us promote GCDP in your schools and universities.


Matching matching matching great EPs is what iGCDP is focused on currently!

NGOs contacted within the "NGO Campaign" aiming to let them know about AIESEC and the relevance of "GCDP as program are in the phase of follow up.

All summer projects OC AFs will be launched during the week. Stay Tuned for an OCP Tech Morocco, an OCP Eco-Clip aaaaand OCP Rock 'n' Camp :D

Talent Management

Spring recruitment: the spring recruitment is on will our School Partners: ESG and ESIG applicant, which "Induction Seminar" you're invited to be part of it Sunday, 18th May at 2pm in ESIG.

The reallocation process: deadline will be crossed tonight midnight. TM started also the Auditing for the revocation process.

Succession process: final last touch and preparation for the succession TM plan starting by CEED promotion till now we have 3 applicants, one CEEDer accepted for IM&M.

LCM Preparations: for the next LC meeting which will take place the 25th May, we are expecting high number of attendance. Please book that date for the extra 3 important reasons:

1) Meet the amazing new Vise president freshly elected

2) Meet the newbies who will join our entity

3) Talk about the last National event this term Natco14...And more!

It's gonna be A.W.E.S.O.M.E!


For a matter of transparency, F&L dept. is sharing with you here the exact amount AIESEC ANFA has: 20 000 Dhs (in the bank account) and 2760 Dhs (cash in hands). A lot of efforts delivered to cover all the depts. Oh yea!

Info Management and Marketing

The transition for an amazing next term already started..A lot of energy from VP IM² elect just coming back from an international conference!!

A special shout to IM² web developers, huge effort done and a lot of meetings and trackings to come up with the greatest version of AIESEC ANFA Website! Shout out to Mohamed Zarid, Abdeljalil Souali, Zakaria Sassioui, Anas Assila and Amine Maarouf (newbie).

A visit to Dar America is planned this Friday to deal on a "AIESEC info session"..Hell Yea!

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For more info, approach: im2.aiesecanfa@gmail.com