A Peek at the Week Ahead

August 5, 2018

The Best Thing I Saw This Week

I see so many wonderful things each week at our school- even in the summer months! The best thing I saw this week was so many of you painting walls, furniture, bulletin boards, and book boxes. It was exciting to see so much thought going into classroom libraries and arrangement. That is what I call Cedar Grove Magic!

"We never know what a year will bring. But- we know what we will bring. We will bring the Awesome! That will leave the year to fend for itself."

My Reading Life

After reading The Wild Card and Teach Like A Pirate, it is hard for other books to measure up! Both of these books inspired me so much. I have started reading From Striving to Thriving. I am learning ways to grow our readers and can't wait to implement some of the ideas shared in this book. What are you reading?

Tuesday, August 7th

This week, the district is offering staff development that will give those attend a comp day in February. You can sign up on PD Express. There are reading offerings, guided math offerings with Mary Ruzga, and Technology classes as well. Sign up if you plan to attend to earn the comp day.

Our Custodial Team

Jim, Ethan, Tonna, and Sherry have worked so hard this summer. They have made our floors look like new, cleaned sinks and windows, and pressure washed the bathrooms. As you come in to arrange your rooms, please keep this in mind when moving furniture. The floors are easily scratched. If you need something moved that will scratch the floors, please call for help. Please let them know how much you appreciate them when you come in. They really have worked hard and take great pride in what they have accomplished this summer.

Classroom Libraries

As you come in to work in your rooms, my hope is that you will focus on your classroom library making it a magical place to be! We have talked so often about how difficult it is to get our kids to read books. We continue to try to find ways to increase the volume of reading here at Cedar Grove. I truly believe the first step is to provide a place where kids WANT to read with lots of wonderful books to chose from. Weed out old books and bring in new ones! Let's make our libraries the place to be!

We will see you soon!

It is almost time to officially start! I am so excited about beginning a new school year! I pray you will enjoy the week ahead. I will send out more details about our first week together soon.

Love you all,