DNA and DNA Replication

" Code of Life"

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1) Vocabulary


Make sure that you read over your DNA and Replication vocabulary and either highlight or underline important terms in the definition. (**This will be a check grade**).

2) Notes/Color Activity


The worksheet DNA-The Double Helix covers basic concepts and ideas about DNA, RNA, and Replication. You need to color the pictures that it ask you to color and answer questions. (**Completed packet will be a grade**)

Notes Explained...

The basic unit of a Nucleic Acid is a nucleotide. The nucleotide is broken up into three parts:

Base Pair Rules: (adenine to thymine) (guanine to cytosine)

Why Base Pairing???

Base pairing gives each organism a specific code that distinguishes it from other organisms, even within the same species! The order in which the bases are set out on the DNA strand gives the code and helps identify genes and characteristics like proteins which we will discuss later...

3) Video and Lab Activity

You will watch the Jurassic Park video and the Strawberry extraction video to complete the activity sheet provided. This will be a (**lab grade for strawberry extraction AND a daily grade for activity sheet**)

1)Grab activity sheet

2) Watch Jurassic Park video and answer questions on sheet and pre-lab questions.

3) Watch strawberry extraction video and read lab procedures to complete lab

4) Answer the remaining questions on the activity sheet

Watch Jurassic Park Video

Jurassic Park cloning video
Strawberry DNA - Sick Science! #114

4)DNA Clue Activity

Complete the blanks on the sheet by analyzing the pictures given on the sheet. All answers can be found on the activity sheet. (**Complete for daily grade**)

Clue Activity here

DNA Replication

When new DNA needs to be made, replication occurs so that an exact copy of DNA is made from the original strand. The result is two identical DNA molecules from one original copy!

1) Start with original DNA strands

2) DNA unzips by Helicase enzyme exposing both strands

3) DNA Polymerase enzyme brings complimentary bases to the exposed strands with bases

4) DNA makes two exact copies from the original molecule(Replication)

Replication Video

5) Replication Activity

Complete the Replication Activity by placing the replication steps in order by first drawing the pictures, writing your own caption for what is taking place in the pictures and then matching the scientific explanations to the proper step. (**Completed Activity sheet is a daily grade**)

Activity Sheet


Scientific Scenarios

Added assignment:

Paper Clip Replication