By: Letisia Vasquez

About being a Lawyer!

Talking, arguing, and listening has to be your main priorities. You will need a bachelors degree and a law degree. Must enjoy working with others. Sometimes you work alone or with several partners, 27% are self-employed. You are your own boss. Education skills are math, civics, and language arts.

Job Hazards

When you lose a case, the person you defended may blackmail you.


Times off, Retirement, and Insurance.

  • Vacation Time
  • Holidays
  • health insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Pension or 401 (k) plans


92,730 per year


  • Great pay
  • Help families out with problems with the law.


  • Long nights
  • Away from family when on business trips.

Jobs are Located!

New York is a big city, there are places in need of lawyers. Also, another city is San Francisco.

Skills for interview!

Must look classy. For men a tuxedo would be great, along with a tie and shiny shoes. For women skirt below the knee, with a nice blouse. Vocabulary needs to be appropriated and no slang words.