Grade 4 Gazette

SJI International Elementary School, Singapore

Christmas Term Week 16 - Friday 5th December 2014

Language Arts

This week, we began the process of bringing it all together.

With the help of Success Criteria, the students have selected a Slice of Life piece to revise, edit and publish.

To prepare the children for this, we learned more about revising and now understand that good revising is as much about taking unnecessary parts out as putting more great ideas in. All great authors spend a great deal of time revising their work - as mentioned previously. Revising a piece of writing is paying it a great compliment, as it is giving it the time and energy to develop it from good to great.

Next week, we look forward to applying our learning as we move towards publishing and of course, most of all, we look forward to sharing these pieces - or should we say, 'slices' with you.


This week in Mathematics, G4 students began a new Shape and Space topic on Angles.

They have been recapping the meaning of important vocabulary linked to angles: acute, right, obtuse, reflex, degrees, protractor.

They have been learning how to estimate the size of an angle, by recognising whether the angle is acute, right, obtuse or reflex.

They have also learned how to accurately measure angles up to 180 degrees using a protractor.

Next week, students will continue the current topic of angles.

They will link their current learning of angles to degrees of turn (1/4 turns, 1/2 turns and 3/4 turns in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions). Students will also learn about the 8-point Compass and how it can be used to find directions. Students will study the amount of turn in degrees between each direction on the 8-point Compass and between the numbers on a clock-face.

Unit Of Work (IPC)

This week, our focus was on food chains, food webs and how plants and animals depend on each other to survive in their ecosystems.

We learnt that food chains show how each living thing gets food, and how nutrients and energy are passed from creature to creature. Food chains begin with plant-life, and end with animal life. A simple food chain could start with grass, which is eaten by rabbits. Then the rabbits are eaten by foxes.

A food web contains many different, linked food chains.

We considered how changes to an ecosystem can be disastrous to all living things within that ecosystem. We discussed how when something new is introduced, like a new plant or animal, the living things originally in that ecosystem have to start competing for available resources. This led to the children attempting to create their own science investigation based on this type of scenario.

Next week, children will be completing the planning of their science investigations and discovering what decomposers are.

Home Learning for the week ahead - Christmas Term Week 17

Please seek permission from your parents or caregiver at home, before attempting to access any given websites shown.

Language Arts


Read a 'Just Right' book for 20 minutes or more each evening. Share and discuss with family members what you have read. Practice reading aloud in front of your family members using clear projection, fluency and expression.


We have decided to continue 'pushing on' with our spellings in Grade 4. For the remainder of the term, we will be concentrating on the teaching of spelling rules and conventions in our classroom based sessions.

For home learning, we will continue to give out 10 completely different words for the children to learn at home. These are all topic based words and will be encountered as we progress through our new Existing, Endangered, Extinct unit.

Please see your children's organiser for these words and discuss their meanings.


Unit 4 - Angles

Mon - Shaping Maths Activity Book 4a Part 2 - P7-8

Tue - Shaping Maths Activity Book 4a Part 2 - P9-10

Wed - Shaping Maths Activity Book 4a Part 2 - P11-12

Thu - No Homework

Unit Of Work (IPC)

Existing, Endangered, Extinct

Endangered animal research project.

Details of this exciting project have been distributed, pasted into the children's Home Learning books and explained.

Virtue of the Week


Generosity is giving and sharing. It is giving freely because you want to, not with the idea of receiving a reward or gift in return.

Generosity is being aware that there is plenty for everyone. It is seeing a chance to give what you have and then giving just for the joy of giving.

Generosity is one of the best ways to show love and friendship.

Coming Up

Fri 12th Dec - Christmas Term Ends

Fri 16th Jan - Welcome back coffee morning

Thu 22nd Jan - Optional parent/teacher conferences