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Weekly News & Updates for November 19 - November 29, 2019

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Important Events

Tuesday, November 19 - Cove Creek Faculty Meeting, Media Center, 3:00

Tuesday, November 19 - EC Parent Advisory Night, Hardin Park, 5- 7:30

Tuesday, November 19 - WHS Playmakers Preview Show for State NCTC, Ross Auditorium, 7 pm

Wednesday, November 20 - The NED Show, Gym, 9 - 9:45 am, K-5

Thursday, November 21 - Thankful Thursday & Duty Free Lunch

Thursday, November 21 - Watauga MS Basketball, Cove Creek @ Blowing Rock 4 PM

Thursday, November 21 - Friends of Cove Creek Meeting, Media Center, 6 pm

Monday, November 25 - Compassionate Schools/Trauma-Informed Care PLC Meeting, Media Center, 3:00

Monday, November 25 - Watauga MS Basketball, Cove Creek @ Valle Crucis 4 pm

Tuesday, November 26 - Cove Creek School Area Team Meetings, Various Locations, 3:00

Wednesday, November 27 - Early Release,Noon

Thursday, November 28 - NO SCHOOL -Thanksgiving

Friday, November 29 - NO SCHOOL -Thanksgiving

The week at the Creek...

It was a short but great week at Cove Creek.

Students worked hard even though we had only 2.5 days of instruction with Veterans' Day, a snow day, and a two-hour delay. I am glad that the temperatures have warmed up, and I hope that we can get through our first semester prior to the December holiday break.

Thursday is duty-free lunch at Cove Creek for teachers. If you have not already signed up, please do so. It is also Mrs. Carolyn's delicious holiday meal, so come and have a pre-Thanksgiving lunch with your student. Please let us know ahead of time by alerting your student's teacher or Mrs. Conny in the office, so we will be sure to have enough food!

Please join us for the Friends of Cove Creek meeting on Thursday, November 21 at 6 pm in the Media Center. We will share all the great things that happened at Fall Festival, how much money was raised, and plans for future events for the winter and spring. Can't wait to see you there!

In basketball, our Lady Raiders are 4-0 and the Boys' team is 2-2. Wrestling is also happening for our middle school students. We play basketball away at Blowing Rock on Thursday, and it will be a great game. Come out and support our athletes.

Please support our Candle fund raiser! The funds go to each grade level for field trip costs throughout the year. If you have questions, don't hesitate to email

Please talk with your students about appropriate bus behavior. Students need to remain seated in their designated seat for the entire ride and avoid yelling at students across the isles or arguing with the bus driver. I understand that we have had a number of substitutes on buses and that makes it challenging for the students, but the rules never change. You and your student should always speak to the bus driver if there has been an incident during the ride and many of you are great about contacting me. I watch the bus tape, I talk to students, and if necessary, students can be suspended for 1, 3, 5, 10 days and up to a month or for the remainder of the semester. Riding the yellow bus to school is a priviledge not a right for students, and the driver's responsibility to to safely get each child home. Thank you so much!

Please continue to communicate with your student's teachers. We want to make sure each student is receiving the support he or she needs to be academically, behaviorally, and socially and emotionally successful. Please make sure to let teachers know if something is going with your student. It can help them personalize their teaching to support your student's learning. Midterms will go home this Friday.

I am grateful to serve this community and am here to support the students, the faculty and staff, and you as parents. Thank you for entrusting your most precious child to us. We are honored and do not take the responsibility lightly. Please let me know how I can help you.


Mrs. Kelly Walker, Principal

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4th graders earned Red Raider prizes: Bailey, Dean, Madi, Devon, Jack, Eliza & Alisa

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3rd grade students earned Red Raider prizes: Isaac, Lonnie, Nolan, Mason, Sierra, Amelia, Hailey, Mia, Sunny

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1st graders earned Red Raider prizes: Jessalyn, Rocco, Griffin, Gunner, Hudson & Bentley.

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2nd graders earned Red Raider prizes: Jolene, Carlie, Lydia, Zoey, Mason, Collin, Alistar, Rosalie, Jade & Harper

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5th graders earned Red Raider prizes: Kira, Austin, Jade, Kaliyah, Devan, Stephanie, Landon, Jordan, Mollie, Bodhi, Gage, and John

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Kindergarteners earn Red Raider prizes: Graham, Declan, Everly, Jason, Jeferson, Reed, Austin, Harper, and Lindi!


Beginning with the 2019/2020 school year, free and reduced price meal benefit applications can be submitted online. Please click the link below for information on how to apply electronically for free and reduced price meal benefits.

Mr. Furr's class explored the Rock Cycle and Emma drew her own!

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Mrs. Hepler's class came up with a bunch of crazy turkeys!


Over the coming weeks, Watauga County Schools will adopt an state-approved reporting program called the Say Something Anonymous Reporting System. The system will allow students, staff and teachers to anonymously report issues of concern regarding student and school safety. Middle and high school students will receive information from their schools starting next week about the reporting system and how to submit reports.

Students will have access to a mobile app that will allow them to submit tips to a national crisis center staffed 24/7 by trained counselors. The crisis center staff will triage, categorize and deliver tip information to local law enforcement and school staff who will then be able to investigate to determine the level of concern or threat. Tips will be categorized as either “life safety” or “non-life safety” based on the information provided. The Crisis Center will notify school staff and the local 911 dispatch after-hours when tips are life threatening or in cases of imminent threat.

Tips can be sent in via web, a phone hotline, or through the app – including photos and videos.

Parents are strongly encouraged to discuss the appropriate use of the reporting system with their children and to be aware if the app is loaded onto phones or other personal electronic devices. Parents with questions about the new system are welcome to call the school any time to talk with our school counselor.

Additional information about the Say Something Anonymous Reporting System can be found online at

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Grayson, Addie Rose, and Carmen and all big smiles at Cove Creek!

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Cove Creek Behavior Matrix

We are a Green Ribbon Positive Behavior Intervention and Support School. Please review the Matrix at the link listed above with your student. He or she can focus on instruction, earn person Red Raiders and classroom White Raiders for following the behavior expectations put in place by our PBIS team. Please get in touch with me or Ms. Gough if you want to learn more!
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