Timeline Descriptions through the Eras...

Neolithic Farm Revolution.. 5,000-500 BC

The Neolithic Revolution, also known as the Agriculture Revolution was an advancement in history giving the opportunity to adhere permanent settlements leading to civilizations. The ideas from this revolution made advancements in technology a significance. For example, instead of hunting and gathering, irrigational systems were established due to water accessibility; also, tools and weapons were at easier use. Not only did this revolution suppress farming and the economy, but these steps help lead other civilizations in the right direction!

Early River Civilization... 3500-450 BC

Incorporated in this era are many civilizations. The Meso, which were located near Egypt, the Indus River Valley, which had the largest population and the Egyptians who were known for their exceptional whit and a theocracy government. All civilizations share a common attribute: a start of their own government and seeking advancments. Cultural Diffusion played a key role.

Key Terms from the Eras...

Neolithic- Tools, Climate, Irrigation, Water, Permanent Settlement, Agriculture

Early River- Theocracy, Fresh Water, Government, Dynasty, Laws, Bronze