Summery Paragraph of the Book Speak

The main character of the book Speak is Melinda, also know as Mel. Mel is an outcast because she crashed a party by calling the cops because she was sexual assaulted and didn’t tell anyone. Things for Mel isn’t getting better over time. The only thing that Mel thinks that actually makes her feel happy is her art class. As the days go by one by one Mel isn't doing anything until the IT show up she has to do something. On pg.152 it said "I write a note, left-handed so she won't know it's from me." and this is one of the ways Melinda is taking action.
Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson Book Trailer

Characteristics of Melinda

Mel is a kind girl. She is depressed in the story because she lost all her friends. Mel really doesn't talk to anyone and she loves art. She also keeps getting a bunch of glares and people saying mean things behind her back and people refuse to talk to her. Lastly she doesn't speak up witch she really should speak up. On pg. 135 "I didn't speak." and this goes along with Mel's personality.

Conflict/Resolution for Speak

The conflict for the book "Speak" would be character vs. society because the people didn't know that Mel was sexually assaulted and the thought she did something really bad so they are mean to Mel through out the book and Mel isn't doing anything to stop them from being mean. But in the end Mel does speak up and everything changes because on pg. 198 Mel said this at the end of the book "Let me tell you about it." witch shows that she does speak up and she is happy too that she did.


What I think is the theme of the book "Speak" is you should always speak up and if you don't it could tear you apart. Sometimes people have to be brave when they don't want to be.

Textual Evidence

In the book "Speak" some word that really spoke to me were on pg. 194 when it said this "A sound explodes from me. "NNNOOO!!!" and when it said that in the book I thought it was amazing because Melinda was finally speaking up for herself and I felt happy for her. That quote was also my favorite quote in the book.

My Book Review

I though the book "Speak" was about 3 stars out of 5 because it took a while to build up to something interesting that really drew my attention. In the end it was amazing and it really dew my attention to the book. I also think that the book "Speak" was one of my better books I read in my life so far.