A Whole New World In Spanish

Emma Speegle

Benefits of Learning Spanish

Learning Spanish is a benefit to almost anything you do. It could help you from moving to a new place to live, making new foreign friends,or even traveling abroad. Most people who speak Spanish also have a better advantage when trying to get a job at a job interview, or when you are making applications to got to the best colleges. It is truly an honor to have printed on your diploma that you are bilingual because you could get paid a lot more money when you start to enter a professional work place. It could also open upon your horizon, making you want to try new foods, new attire, a whole different perspective of life!
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Situations that knowing Spanish would help you

You are stranded at a train station and your in Guatemala, you are tired and hungry and you don't know which train to take in order to get home. Your talented Spanish speaking skills kick in and you ask for directions politely. You get home safely thanks to taking those Spanish classes. If you hadn't, you probably would still be there hungry, tired and stranded at a foreign train station with strangers.
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