Alan Wake/Bioshock Infinite

Favorite Games

Alan Wake

Alan Wake is a Game made by Remedy studios. It is for both PC and Xbox 360. It is about a writer named Alan Wake who comes to the town of Bright Falls for a vacation with his wife Alice. Now she has been stolen by mysterious dark forces. He soon begins to realize that this happening is much like the manuscript he has already wrote and that he must collect the pages to find his lost wife. Question what is real and what is not and fight the darkness in this psychological epic thriller that never seizes to amaze. This timeless gaming classic is an absolute must play!

Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite is a game for PS3 and Xbox 360. Unlike other Bioshock games that travel to Rapture the great city under the sea. This game travels to Columbia, the great city in the sky. The man Booker Dewitt (a man with a dark secret and a troubled past) goes there to rescue the girl Elizabeth Comstock (a girl with mysterious powers). This game has a massive selection of both guns, powers, and even enemies. This game is an absolute must play- NO EXCEPTIONS!