An Interview With Mrs.Cagle

By: Riley Stover

A Little Update On Mrs.Cagle

Mrs.Cagle went to college at UTA. She got a degree in Speech Communications and minored in business. This is her first year at Midlothian ISD. Mrs.Cagle is teaching at Midlothian Heritage High School. MHHS is a 9th grade school this year. She is teaching Spanish I there.

Getting to Know Mrs.Cagle

Mrs.Cagle's Dedication

Mrs.Cagle's room environment is quiet when she is teaching. Her students do very well paying attention to her. She has Spanish decorations all around her room and she puts her students in pairs so they can work together. Do not think you can mess around though, she will call you out when she finds you not on task. She does a great job tying in the real world with her class. Mrs.Cagle likes to review a lot just to make sure her students know whats going on. She does her notes on the board so you can see and follow along. While her students are working she walks around and makes sure everyone understands.

Mrs.Cagle puts about 45 hours into her week. On a scale from 1-10 and 8 is the number of self-motivation she needs for her job. Her biggest challenge as a teacher is getting everyone engaged. Her students are her biggest reward from teaching. She made is clear that she teaches for the students.