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Accounting Software RFI/RFP Template

A smarter way to gather your accounting system requirements, prepare your RFI and RFP, and also evaluate vendor responses.

If you are about to specify your accounting system requirements and prepare an RFI or RFP ... then this is for you.

Here's why:

This ‘Accounting RFI/RFP Template’ covers nearly everything you need for gathering your system requirements, preparing your RFI and RFP, and for evaluating and comparing accounting software vendor responses. Download a FREE Accounting RFI/RFP Template Sample and find out more. The Accounting RFI/RFP Template will:


You’ll save time gathering your accounting software / system requirements - days, weeks or even months. The template is quick to use and lists virtually all the accounting system requirements you will need. So, you won’t have to think them up from scratch. It’s so much easier and quicker than traditional requirements gathering methods.

You’ll save time preparing your RFI’s and RFP’s - just fill in the blanks and amend as required - then issue to potential vendors. And save yet more time, as the standardized format makes it quick and easy to evaluate and compare vendor RFI and RFP responses.


You will save effort because thousands of carefully researched accounting criteria are ready for you to use. You no longer have to research and create them yourself. The comprehensive and detailed accounting software and system coverage ensures that everything you need is included.

The Accounting RFI/RFP Template will enable you to be more thorough when gathering your requirements. You will be able to prepare a complete specification without missing anything. In addition, it will stimulate your thoughts, give you ideas and make you aware of what the latest accounting software can do.

The sooner you use it, the sooner you’ll be able to focus on your specific needs. And avoid being side tracked with inappropriate tasks, or looking at potentially unsuitable software solutions.

There’s space for vendors to respond to your RFI/RFP requirements and for you to then evaluate these responses. So you can easily make clear comparisons.

The RFI/RFP Template is available in MS Excel/Word, so it is simple to amend and share.


Use the Accounting RFI/RFP Template yourself. There is no need to take on extra staff, or resources. Moreover, it replaces the need for and the expense of bringing in additional resources to help you specify your requirements and prepare an RFP.

It costs only a fraction of the cost of a typical consultant for one day. Yet to produce the same output would take many days of traditional requirements gathering and RFI/RFP preparation effort. The Accounting RFI/RFP Template represents outstanding value for money!


The ‘Accounting RFI/RFP Template’ can help reduce the risk of selecting the wrong software. The Accounting RFI/RFP Template provides a standardized approach to gathering requirements in an orderly and structured way. It allows prospective vendors to respond to your specific needs without confusion. It is easy for you to evaluate and compare the responses. And, it follows a well-proven and widely used method for selecting new software.

All of which, provides for clarity and transparency. You can see what you need, who provides it and so identify the best solution(s) for your organization.


The ‘Accounting RFI/RFP Template’ is completely impartial and unbiased. Software suppliers do not sponsor our products or services. Therefore, as there is no bias, it will not lead or force you towards any one or more particular Accounting software package or supplier. It will however, lead you to what is best for you – the requirements you need for your organization and the best system to do the job.


It covers accounting systems requirements for the UK, USA and Canada. And the general accounting system requirements are suitable for use in any country.


• Justifying projects

• Obtaining board approval

• Assisting in requirements gathering brainstorming meetings

• Requirements gap analysis

Whichever way you use the Accounting RFI/RFP Template, it will make a major contribution to your project.