Why Kids Are Bored In School

By: Jalen Rosinski


Teachers are a huge part in why students are bored and get distracted in school. Students say that they don’t learn much in class due to the teacher not explaining it well enough or the lesson isn't catching their attention. In the article, “Bored to Death: To learn just how bored kids are in school, look at twitter” a student states, “‘I'd say we have a problem when I learn more from amateur YouTube videos than the actual class....’”,(Ripley 1). By the student saying that she learns more on YouTube than in class shows that either the lesson wasn't taught correctly or the lesson was to boring and not interesting. This could also result in lower grades for the student. All in all teachers are a main part that students are bored in class.


Technology is a main distraction is schools and in the classroom. The world we live in is surrounded by technology, including schools. Students tend to want to check their social media accounts or chat with friends on electronic devices since it's at their finger tips 24/7 whenever they're bored. In the article, “Driven to distraction: Our wired generation” by Rosen, Larry states, “ We have asked thousands of students this exact question and they tell us that when alerted by a beep, a vibration, or a flashing image they feel compelled or drawn to attend to that stimulus,”(Rosen 1). By students feeling the need to always check their phone when it beeps or flashes shows that they become very distracted during class when their phone goes off. This shows that students with electronic devices can become distracted by the alerts on their devices. All in all technology distracts students from their teachers causing them to be bored.

Lack of Excitement

Lack of excitement in the classroom results in students being bored. Teachers say it is hard for teachers to create a lesson to make students want to pay attention and not zone out. In the article, “Why so Many Schools Remain Penitentiaries of Boredom” states, “Unfortunately, it is a lot easier for a teacher to deliver information than it is to design a lesson that deeply engages the learner,”(English 1). By teachers not being able to create lessons that will allow students to be engaged in the teaching they are more likely to not want to pay attention and becoming bored. All in all lack of excitement causes students to become bored.


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