Improving Race Relations In America

By Shaina Mcloughlin

How did slavery begin?

Slavery began in the United States of America in 1619. Slaves were brought to America through the Triangular Trade. The triangular Trade started in Europe then to the Caribbean and the United States. The Slaves were brought on slave ships manned by European slave traders. In the "new world" now known as the US of A, there were many slaves needed for doing work like on plantations for sugar cane and cotton to produce goods. The part of america that owned the most slaves was the south states such as Alabama, Louisiana, south Carolina, north Carolina and so on. The reason why was because most of America's plantations were in the south and plantations need slaves to collect all the raw materials needed for products used in the United States. A black man named Fredrick Douglas invented the cotton gin to help with the picking of seeds out of cotton. the invention of the cotton gin grew the need for more slaves down south for plantation overseers and plantation owners to grow wealthier and wealthier as they bring in more money from the raw material cotton.

How were slaves treated in America?

in america it depended on the owner of the slave or plantation. Some were very nice and wanted to help them or we not rough and hard on them, but some were also very mean and hard on them. A typical day as a slave meant hard work from working in the early morning to very late at night. Slaves were grouped in a couple small houses to live in and there wasn't much space. Slaves mostly did chores or errands for their owner(s) some had talents like playing a fiddle or other instrument like in 12 years a slave. Slaves were punished by being whipped by their overseer or master. Slaves were forbidden to learn, read, write and go to church. If two slaves wanted to get temporarily married it was called jumping over the broom. They were temporarily married until they were sold apart. Slaves were treated as property by being labeled as livestock a black man was not equivalent to one white man the white man had a higher authority. If the slave was caught running away from their owner the slave would be severly punished.

How did slavery end in america?

Slavery ended in the United States in 1865 as the 13th amendment to say that slavery is illegal.In Philadelphia the Society of Friends, or known as the Quakers, forbids its members from owning slaves. (1776) Delaware doesn't allow African slaves to be imported there. (1776) Vermont abolishes slavery and enfranchises all adult males.(1777) Pennsylvania begins gradual emancipation of slavery.(1780) Lincoln's views on slavery was antislavery. Lincoln supported the 13th amendment and made the proclamation emancipation to free all slaves held captive in the states in rebellion against the union. As the republican party only propose to ban slavery from expanding. When Lincoln put the emancipation proclamation into effect, the south, rebellious states also known as the confederates, declared war on the union which started the civil war which started in the year 1861 and ended in the year 1865.
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Racial tensions that exist today.

There are still racial tensions in America today. there are problems with schools race on race for example a black kid or adult on a white kid or adult or the other way around. This is all due to the civil war many years back in the 1860's when Lincoln was still president of the united states of America. But there are still many black gangs that try to take over neighborhoods and others try to sell drugs such as meth, cocaine, and pot. But there are other races that get addicted to drugs and sell for money too. For example the Hispanic and White populations. But also in California in areas there are Hispanic gangs too that are very violent.

Why do these tensions still exist today?

There are many views on different races by different races. For example the black community probably doesn't like the white population or what they call "whities and "crackers" because of their past but they have to get over it and also there were many places that had higher class people have slaves of their own race. For example the Romans and Egyptians. A lot of this tension is about not getting along with people and not getting over what happened a long time ago. Sure, we have been ashamed as a country to have had slavery once exist and we already know that. But much of the Black communities don't understand that or wont except it. Also Blacks now have more power than the white population the minority of blacks now have a higher power over the majority of this nations whites? For example hate crimes and they are only on white people and they blow this up so it comes on national TV but they Never Ever talk about blacks killing whites. For example here is an excerpt from a before it gets on news information on what is the latest around this country. James Patrick Riley says, “… If there is any racism in the system, it is skewed so far in the favor of blacks, that, frankly, it should be an embarrassment for those in the “race industry.” FBI crime stats show that when there is a black/white incidence of violence, in 88 to 91% of the cases, the victim is white. Just last week, in St. Louis three black men were arrested on a “kill whitey” crime spree.

my plan to improve race relations

early in life, we should teach all races that everyone is different and we all have to be nice to each other and it is a very very bad thing to murder or rape people of other races. You cant hurt people because it is very bad and even if you don't like them, you still have to show respect and just walk away don't just start a fight because you don't like them. you probably aren't as tough as you think you are. we have to drill this into every races child's brains so everyone will be treated equally and respectfully. Also another part of my idea is to tell the congress to stop basing hate crimes only on the white race. Because many Hispanics and blacks kill other races that they want to kill off like Hitler did to the Jewish people to make only his one race he wanted. Hey other races pick on your own people nobody's perfect. That also goes for the white race don't just pick on people because of what they look like.nthis will show them and persuade kids as they become older to not be a racist against other people they don't know who are of another race. By the time the new generation has outgrown the older one, the racist population in this country will be diminished or almost fully gone.
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