Glocester Libraries- December

Coding, Performers, Workshops, Computer Classes, & more!

Candlelight Shopping Open House- Thursday, Dec. 10th & 17th, 6 pm @

Glocester Manton Library. Children and their families are invited to come in from the cold, enjoy a hot beverage & snack, and create a holiday craft.

Nutcracker Heritage Ballet- Sat., Dec. 10th, 2:30 pm @ Glocester Manton Library

The Heritage Ballet of Lincoln, RI will demonstrate the art of Classical Ballet by performing an excerpt from The Nutcracker. Children will learn about the dancers’ costumes, pointe shoes, and warm-up exercises. The presentation will also include some audience participation from the children. All ages welcome; please call 568-6077 to register.

**School Vacation Specials**

Makey Makey Inventor’s Workshop & Minecraft Play w/ the RI Computer Museum

Monday, Dec. 28th, 10:30 am- 12:30 pm @ Glocester Manton Library

Learn to use everyday objects and a Makey Makey Board to create an electronic circuit to control computer programs! Various conductive materials will be provided, but kids are encouraged to bring their own items that may conduct electricity well (like fruit, green leaves, soda cans, and metal bottle caps). See how “homemade” controllers can move Steve in Minecraft! Ages 6 & up; parents must accompany 6 year-olds. Please register by calling 568-6077.

Coding for Minecraft w/ the RI Computer Museum- Monday, Dec. 28th, 1-3 pm @ Glocester Manton

Come learn how to summon lightning bolts with a bow and arrow or build giant rainbows in the Minecraft world with code! This workshop introduces coding concepts by showing students how to build or change (e.g. mod) the game using code based on the Javascript programming language. Ages 9-14, please register by calling 568-6077.

Basic Sewing: Felt Cupcakes- Tuesday, Dec. 29th, 2 pm @ Harmony Library

Sew an intricate felt cupcake using just a needle and thread! Ages 8 & up. Please call 568-6077 to register.

Fancy Nancy Tea Party- Tuesday, Dec. 29th, 3 pm @ Glocester Manton Library

Join the party and celebrate Fancy Nancy’s 10th Anniversary with a “Fancy Tea” including “tea”, delectable treats, games, and a “fancy” goody bag to take home. Ages 5-9, please register by calling 568-6077.

Drop-in Crafts- All day Tuesday, Dec. 29th & Wednesday, Dec. 30th @ Glocester Manton Library- Create firework sparklers to celebrate New Years, and create Zen tangle bookmarks; one to take home and one to leave at the library.

Hands-on Drumming & Discussion w/ the New England Percussion Ensemble-

Wednesday, Dec. 30th, 3pm @ Harmony Library

Travel a journey through time, from early mankind to modern day, during this fun performance and discussion of percussion’s evolution. The program concludes with a HANDS-ON ensemble from audience members. Come learn, enjoy the music, and drum! Grades K-5; adults are welcome to participate. Please call 949-2850 to register.

Sparky’s Puppets’ “Stories from Snowy Lands”- Thursday, Dec. 31th, 10:30 am @ Harmony Library

Children ages 3-7, and their families, are invited to enjoy a magical and humorous staged puppet show. Watch a snowman come to life, see a bear go ice fishing, and visit a toymaker on a wintry day. Please call 949-2850 to register.