The Best Camouflage Around

Looks any direction its wants, crawls upside down, eats bugs with a tongue that can shoot out of its mouth, these are just a few of the fantastic features of a chameleon. But those aren't the only characteristics that are interesting about a chameleon. Other interesting things are their eating habits, the different kinds of chameleons, and their ability to change color. Without a doubt chameleons are one of the most amazing creatures alive.


Isn't eating good food delicious? Well how would you like to eat bugs and insects,that is what a chameleon eats and they think it is yummy. Some things that they eat are small insects like butterflies, cockroaches, and flies. Those are just some of the kinds of bugs they eat. Some chameleons can even eat small birds and small lizards.They are so quiet that they can sneak up a flower and catch the butterfly on top of it.They eat the food by shooting a tongue out of there mouth and catching the bug or insect.


Horns...3 cm long...2 feet long....these are the things you will learn in this section. In the world there is over 150 different species of chameleons for instance the ‘’jacksons chameleon’’ has three horns on top of there head to protect themselves. The largest chameleon in the world is the parsons chameleon, it can grow to be over 27 inches long (that's over 2 feet long) .But the smallest chameleon is the pygmy leaf chameleon which is 3 cm long.That just tells you that chameleons can vary in size differences from small to large.


When you think of chameleons you think of a small lizard that can change color but there is more to chameleons changing color than that. Some reasons why they change color is so they can blend into their surroundings, to protect themselves from predators. They also tell other chameleons how they feel. But I bet you're asking yourselves how can there whole body change color... well I'll tell you. chameleons have layers of skin like an onion but chameleons have layers containing special pigments that can change color fast.

Follow up

So now you know all you need to know about chameleons you know how they change their color and why, and you also know what they eat and how they eat it, and finally you know tons of different kinds of chameleons and what some of them look like to. So next time you are walking in a rain forest stoop to see if you can see a cool chameleon.

BY: Ben Pease