Life Project

By Cameron Bowie

Educational Goals and Training

My educational goals are to graduate high school. When i graduate I want to go to college and get my basics degree. For this job you need to finish High School, you don't need to go to college to be a photographer. Photojournalists and scientific photographers need a bachelor’s degree. Employers usually want photographers with a “good eye” and creativity, and good technical understanding of photography. Training to be a photographer is to take pictures of anything and make it creative.

Money Making and Budget

I am a wedding photographer at Al's Wedding Service. I do everything to make the scenery pretty, take the pictures, and edit them. I earn $1,900 for a wedding, company charges $2,500 to $5,000 for different packaging shoots, I work 20 hours each week for, taking photos, editing, meeting process, everything to make it perfect. I earn $40000 a year.


Rent: $1295

Gas: $200

Car: $350 have good credit so $100 down.

Tv: $40

Phone: $40


Daycare: $60.00

We don't make enough money so we have to get cheap things to stick with our budget. We wont be able to go out and do a lot of normal things other families do.


License Fee: $30

Location: $0 Going to be a Grandpa ranch in a cute barn.

Flowers -$50

Wedding Party Attire: $308.00 dress $40 shoes $130 tux

Rings: $6,700

Reception:$40 Patrizios


Total Expenses:$8,603

Bride-Me Groom- HARRY STYLES

Maid/Matron of Honor:Blake Lively

Best Man:Niall Horan

Bridesmaids:Tessa Fleury, Perrie Edwards, Amanda Fineran, Leighton Meester


Ed Sheeran, Zayn Malik ,Liam Payne, Ed Westwick

Flower Girl: Abbey Clouse

Ring Bearer: Justin Timberlake


Destination- Paris

Travel Expense-1300



Total Honeymoon Expense-$9353


Kimberly- Female- 6

Skylar- Female- 1

Ryder- Male- 4

Price of Child Care(Children under 12): $40.00 (1 child) $160

Price of Doctor Visits – 2 visits annually per child: $15 with Insurance

Diapers(birth through 2 years old) :2 packs $26 $1000 whole year.

Formula(birth through 1 year) – per child:$12.00 $1,743 whole year (1 kid)



Living Expenses

Me and my Husband Harry take home $5332.70, and our rent payment has to be no higher than $1,333.17. The house we are renting is $1295 a month. Skylar and Ryder will be sharing a bedroom, while Kimberly has her own. The kids will all have their own bathroom.

My Vehicle

The car that I bought is a 2011 Chevrolet Equinox LS 4D Sport Utility. It cost $18,599 down payment $1,000 the additional finance was $1,500. 5 years is the duration of the loan, since I will have this car for five years the monthly payment is $318.31. You have to have an annual license which is $20, I do not go to school and my job you don't have to pay to park so parking is $0. Fuel is $200 oil change is $2.50 because it comes with the car. There are car washes that are $3.00 so I will go there. Since this is a new car maintenance is $10. Monthly fuel and maintenance is $215.50.

Reaction to This Project

This project helps you realize how you need to spend your money wisely. It was very stressful having to add everything up to your monthly budget, and making it work. Since me and my 'husband' make the same amount we have to work together to provide for our self and our family. Photography was a job I've wanted to do for awhile nut when I realized how little it makes I may change my dream job. I may have to get a higher paying job at first and save money, or keep saving money and stick to my budget. Since I didn't make that much money I realized you cant waster your money on the things you want to do. You have to pay for things you need so you can be safe and not in debt, or worse homeless. For this project we had different topics to do and it all adds up with starting a family and supporting it. I never knew you had to do certain things in order to have a house and or car. The Life Project shows what you're going to have to do when you get older.