West,North,South Europe Brochure

Western Europe

  • Has a long sophisticated culinary tradition.
  • United Kingdom, Germany, France.
  • bread,jam,small sandwiches,fish, and chips are very popular in Western Europe. They all are processed seaweed.

Northern Europe

  • Part of this area extends into the Arctic Ocean.
  • Scandinavia-Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Ice-Land.
  • Carrots,potatoes,cabbage,soups,and the b est known dish is smorgasbord-buffet laden with cured fish.cold meats,cheeses,salads,and vegetables.

The Mediterranean (Southern Europe)

  • Cooking in Southern is lighter than cooking in Northern and Western Europe and it's based on wheat things.
  • Spain covers most of the Iberian Peninsula of southwestern Europe,gateway between Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Consists of whole grains, fruits,vegetables,fish, and poultry with smaller amounts of meat and dairy foods.