Survivors, The Broken Path

by, Erin Hunter


This book is about wild dogs who already made a pack and then dogs who have owners but got separated from them because of what they call "The big growl" (earth quake). They end up joining if including a street dog named Lucky. They keep moving around to escape what they call "poisoned land". Lucky realizes more than the other dogs do. He realizes that the dogs owners are not coming back, the pack is their new home, and all they can count on is each other. The alpha of the pack's name is Alpha, Lucky sometimes says dog wolf because he is a dog but looks like a wolf. Alpha thinks that by moving away from their old home that they'll be safe, but every where they go the poison is there because it spreads. Lucky always gets into arguments or disagrees with Alpha, he doesn't always believe that Alpha really knows what hes talking about. Because one part of the book Alpha didn't know which path to take and the Beat Sweet, said "That they should take this path for this reason..." and Alpha took credit for it instead of Sweet. In chapter 7 the dogs found themselves in a Long paw (humans) camp, Alpha tried to keep Lucky from going on patrol with some of the others to check out the camp. Lucky had a little more knowledge of the long paw settlements even more than the leash dogs because he has watched them when he was on the streets. Lucky asked why he couldn't go, and some other dogs said he should come with. Alpha said no to the patrol group but that he could go hunting, and Alpha said he leads this pack. That's when Lucky accidentally said out loud "You lead it when..." Later in the book the pack finds its self a new enemy called "Terror's pack" and Lick who is a furious dog but Lucky found her and brought her back to his pack. She finally got to choose her pack name and she choose Storm. That's where the story ends until the next book.
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