Down Syndrome

By: Colton Rowden

Common Names for Down Syndrome

Other names for this disorder are trisomy 21, trisomy G, 47,XX,+21

Cause of Down Syndrome

Down Syndrome is caused by cell division, producing another copy of chromosome 21. Without a pair, it make a change in the genetics of that person.


Prenatal Tests?

There are two tests you can do. A screening test and a diagnostic test.


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  • Here are some common symptoms. Flattened Facial Features, Small Head, Short Neck, Protruding Tongue, Upward Slanting Eyes, Unusually shaped or small ears, Poor Muscle Tone, Broad, short hands with a single crease in palm, Short fingers and small hands and feet, Short Height.
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About 6,000 babies are born with Down Syndrome each year. The chance of getting Down Syndrome is greater when the mother is around 40-50 years old. If the mother is 49, it is a 1-25 chance of getting it.



Anyone can be a candidate for this disorder. It is caused by the addition of another chromosome in the 21st. So it is possible for anyone to get this disorder.

How is it inherited?

Down Syndrome is a sex-linked disorder. Something goes wrong when the sperm or the egg is made.


Health Care

Most people diagnosed with Down Syndrome can be taken care of at home. Along with the visits to the doctor once in a while, they can get taken to therapy to help treat the disorder.

Further Assistance

The same assistance that they would get when they are younger will be just fine when they are older.

Long Term

In the long run, most patients will be doing just fine and even better than they have in the past.


There are no known cures for Down Syndrome as of now.


I do not believe that this could have been prevented. Because it is a problem with the sperm or egg. Can't control that.

Children of their own?

They can have children, but is a a low chance of having a child.
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