USD 231 Board Briefs

July 27, 2020

Big picture

USD 231 School Reopening Plan Presentation

Members of the Educational Services, Nutrition Services and Operations departments presented information related to the reopening of schools after they had to be closed in March due to COVID-19.

The Educational Services Team worked with over 80 staff members as well as the State Department of Education, Johnson County Health Department and the other five Johnson County Schools to develop a Return to School educational plan for the 2020 - 21 school year. This plan includes multiple scenarios to allow education to continue regardless of the attendance restrictions with COVID-19. The plan may be modified as we continue to gain additional information from KSDE, the Governor and the local health department.

The following links were associated with the presentation and provide detailed information regarding the plan and the start date of the school year (September 9).

Presentation and Approval of the 2020-21 Notice of Budget Hearing for Publication

Director of Business and Finance, Jeremy McFadden, presented the preliminary budget for fiscal year 2020-21 to the Board of Education. The estimated local tax rate will decrease from 65.775 to 64.500, with slight changes possible due to final assessed valuation later this fall.

The budget approval process along with important dates is as follows:

  • July 24 - Budget approved by the Finance Committee for presentation to the Board of Education.
  • July 27 - Board approval to publish budget (Code 99) in the Gardner News for a minimum 10-day period for public review.
  • July 29 - Wednesday edition of Gardner News publishes the budget and begins a 10-day period for public review.
  • August 17 - Board meeting public hearing and formal approval of budget.
  • August 25 - Budget is due for submission to KSDE and the Johnson County Tax Administration Office.

Approved Action Items

  • 2.1 - 2.3 - Approved election of Shawn Carlisle as Board President; election of Rob Shippy as Vice President; appointments of individuals and agencies to certain school district functions for SY 20-21.
  • 5.1 - 5.3 - Approved Consent Agenda consisting of: Minutes of the regular meeting held on June 8, 2020; Financial Statements; Claims.
  • 10.1 - Approved the 2020-21 budget hearing for publication in the Gardner News on Wednesday, July 29, 2020
  • 10.2 - Approved the modified 2020-21 school calendar with unanimous calendar committee support.
  • 10.4 - Approved Personnel Report



BOE Meeting (July 2020)


Date: August 17, 2020

Time: 6:00 p.m.