Class of 2026

July 11, 2022

Welcome to the Freshman Center!

Now that your middle school career is complete, we would like to officially welcome you and your family to the Rockford High School Freshman Center! We have a great deal of pride in our school, staff, students, and community and look forward to working with you next school year.

We hope that you are able to take some time to relax and actually take a brief break from school for a bit this summer. For those of you who like to plan, though, we wanted to give you a little information as quickly as possible.

PLEASE reach out (using e-mail contact information above) if you have questions, comments, concerns or just need to chat. Our first goal is to help your family have as smooth and positive transition to high school as possible. We are here to serve you!

All the best!

Kelly and Derek

Class of 2026 Orientation

AUGUST 10, 2022

Orientation is required for freshmen. Please make every effort to get your student here on the scheduled day. Student arrival is staggered to ensure an efficient process for all. Please USE THE SIGN UP LINK BELOW TO SELECT YOUR ARRIVAL TIME.

The general format is described below for your planning purposes:

  • School Portraits - During the orientation, students will be photographed and will receive a student ID badge. All students will need an ID throughout the year to check out textbooks, use library materials, and purchase lunch. Please remind your student to dress for a school photo. Parents/guardians may choose to order portraits as well. Lifetouch will provide details for ordering online as we approach August 10.
  • Chromebooks - Once students receive their ID, they will proceed to the library. Students who are borrowing a school-issued Chromebook will check it out in the library.
  • Device Authentication (Chromebooks of Bring Your Own Device) - Students who are bringing their own device (BYOD) for school will bring it to orientation. All students, whether borrowing a school device of bringing their own, will access the RPS wifi for the first time at orientation. This will ensure that the device will work well on day one.
  • Learn the Building - Students may also elect to look around the building, find and organize their locker, and locate first trimester classes.

There is no formal presentation. Depending on the volume of students, it will take around 20-45 mins to get through all the stations. Parents are welcome to accompany their student, but it is not required. Make-up orientation is August 15, 2022.

School Portrait Orders

Please plan to order portraits online instead of ordering at orientation. Use the link by clicking the button below. Lifetouch has sent a couple of emails about school picture day, one gives a code for the scheduled orientation and the other gives a code for the make-up orientation. For this reason, I'd recommend that you use the website to find your student instead, using the school name and Student ID number. Once you do this, you will have the option to choose August 10 or August 15, depending on the date your student will attend.


Scheduling Requests

Please only visit the RFC Counseling Office on August 10 if your student has an incomplete or missing schedule for Trimester 1 only. There are limited options for requesting schedule changes for Trimester 1 only. Please review the criteria below and, if your request meets the criteria, please contact your counselor via email or Schoology message.

Criteria for Trimester 1 schedule changes:

  • Student does not have 5 courses.
  • Student would like to request a different language (ex: signed up for Spanish but would like French).
  • Student would like to request a different elective - limited availability - but you may check.
  • Student tested out of a class this summer.
  • Student has a unique circumstance, such as an injury, that prevents full participation in a course like Physical Education.

Thank you!

Bring Your Own Device

Rockford High School students have the opportunity to continue learning with the support of technology, often called 1:1. Rockford elementary and middle schools issue a device to every student, but at high school, students may provide their own device. Please see the information on the district technology webpage for more details about device minimum requirements, etc.

A school-issued Chromebook will be issued to any student who does not bring a device. There are insurance options for families who use a school device. This information is also available on the district technology webpage.


Due to COVID-related protocols, many middle school students were discouraged from hourly locker use over the past couple of years. Now that we are beyond the tight procedures/protocols related to COVID, our staff had the opportunity to review and revise this procedure and have determined that Rockford Freshman Center students will use lockers in 2022.23 and will not be permitted to carry backpacks during the school day (7:40 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.).

Students in athletics and/or PE will have access to lockers in the locker room. Those with instruments will have access to instrument storage in the vocal music room. As always, lockers should be secured with a lock. Prior to coming to school in August, students may want to practice using a combination lock. At orientation, students may want to plan hourly travel, keeping in mind that we have 6-minute passing time.

School Supplies

The link below includes information about recommended school supplies.

High School Athletics

Fall sports begin prior to the start of school and many offer camp experiences in the summer. Please visit the athletic webpage for contact information if your student is interested in high school athletic programs.

Vaping Segment from Good Morning America

Parent Alert - Vaping

Our goal is to partner with parents/guardians in support of students. To support this goal, we will periodically share information that is relevant to you based on trends that we see in our school. Thank you for taking the time to discuss and/or consider if appropriate for your family!


Vaping has become a serious danger for teens and young adults. Vapes are devices that are used to dispense nicotine, flavors, and/or illicit drugs in vapor form. Ten years ago, vapes were large, expensive devices that produced significant clouds of vapor. In the current day, vapes come in all shapes and sizes, are readily available for purchase in many retail stores and produce much less vapor to help avoid detection. Images are shown below for reference.

The level of nicotine delivered through vape pens is contributing to nicotine addiction. Unfortunately, there are also options to purchase cartridges for vape pens that contain illicit drugs. Students may purchase or use vape pens or cartridges without really understanding what they are buying and how it can impact their bodies/minds in the short or long-term.

What can parents/guardians do?

  • Talk to your student about vapes, drugs and alcohol. Help them understand the nature of addiction and the impact of unknown substances on growth and development in youth.
  • Be sure your student knows that vaping is not legal for anyone under 21.
  • Coach your student about how to handle it when someone offers them a vape, drugs or alcohol. Every student should know this could happen and have a planned response. This will help them avoid falling into peer pressure.
  • Monitor your student's spending. What money do they earn and what do they spend it on?
  • Pay attention to your student's habits. Things as simple as going to multiple walks during the day can be an indication of a student getting away to use nicotine.
  • Be honest and engage in communication about this issue. If you suspect that your student may be using or spending time with those who do, confront the issue.
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