Room 6 Newsletter

May 17 - May 25, 2016

Integrated Learning

We finished our "Author Study" by talking about Mo Willems. We read several Piggie and Elephant books and some of the Don't Let the Pigeon.... books. Did you know that Mo Willems hides the pigeon in each of his books? We had such fun searching all of his books for the pigeon! As we wrap up the month of May, we will start learning about Nursery Rhymes. We will focus on rhyming words as we read Hey Diddle Diddle, Humpty Dumpty, and Hickory, Dickory Dock.

Centers include:

  • Pigeon copy cat
  • Dramatic play with Piggie and Elephant
  • Initial sound matching with Mo Willems' Characters
  • Pigeon Puzzle
  • Humpty Dumpty art project
  • Hickory Dickory maze
  • Acting out Hey Diddle Diddle


Your child will learn about the letter Zz. We will read Zack the Lazy Zebra. We will also finish our alphabet journals so we can send them home. They will be a fun addition to your bookshelf at home. Some centers include:

  • Zero color code
  • Z tracing and writing
  • Zebra stripe addition
  • Bee-Bot alphabet mat


Our last science day will include an hour of "Bubbles" outside. We will talk about simple machines, force, and motion. Some centers include:

  • Bubble Whisking
  • Building Bubble Towers
  • Bubble Prints and Bubble Art with Oil Pastels
  • Bubble Snakes
  • Making Bubble Wands
  • Pop Rocks in a Bottle with water and a Balloon Covering the Mouth of the Bottle

Environmental Science

We hope you are enjoying your marigolds that came home! Your child grew their plant from a seed and has been observing its growth for 4 weeks. During our alphabet hike, in and around our Lamplighter gardens, we asked our students to search for nature items that began with a letter and/or sound – always a fun and challenging activity. Another favorite sensory experience will be in the herb garden where the children smell or eat a food item (lemon, dill pickle etc.) and find the herb plant that matches that smell and taste!

Ask your child...

  • What rhymes with cat?
  • What is force?
  • What does the author do?
  • Who draws the pictures in a book?

Events & Reminders

Wednesday, May 25
  • Last day of school

Thursday, May 26 - Friday, May 27

  • Conferences
Brian McCool

Debbie Herskovitz