The Island of Fiji

"Welcome to the beautiful island of Fiji"

History In Fiji

The Fiji island were first found 3,500 years ago by sailors. They were believed to have come from Asia. The Fiji island used to be known as the cannibal islands because of the warriors and the fierce cannibals on the island that were found when they first arrived.

Money In Fiji

Money in Fiji is used for mostly things that are used for gold, imported items from different countries and gold. Things that are imported are high priced and items on the island are cheaper than things here in the US would be.
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Fiji Gold Coin

  • 24 Karat Gold
  • Worth: $100.00
  • Invented in 2009

Food !!!!

Food in Fiji is mostly popular for their seafood. Women usually eat after the men do, & they what on mats and rugs on the floor. People in Fiji don’t use what we would use to eat, and it’s called silverware. Large Feasts are cooked in earth ovens and the most popular feast is called "Komodo".

FAMILY in Fiji

Women and men are adults by the age of 19 and their are 2 to 4 people in a Fijian family. Children start their chores at the age of 6. Girls fold laundry, net fishing, cook & clean. The men go hunting, fishing, sell produce, & pay bills.


Sugarcane and they also have a good source of lumber. Cattle, pigs, horses and goats are raised on the island. Fiji has suffered since the 1990’s because of the low world prices. Tourism and mining are important to the Fijian economy. Australia, Singapore, New Zealand and the United States are Fijians top trading partners….most imported goods to Fiji are manufactured goods and machinery equipment, they also trade fruits and vegetables, gold, silver and timber.