Physical Chemical Property & Change

Ghufran M. Period 4

Physical Properties

Physical properties- A characteristic of a substance that can be observed with out changing a substance into something else.

Ex: color, hardness, or shape and size, density, mass, volume

Non Ex: rust

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Physical Change

Physical Change- A change in matter that doesn't affect it's chemical composition

Ex: melting ice, boiling water, breaking glass.

Non Ex: rotting food

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Chemical Properties

Chemical Properties- Change in matter that produces a new object.

Ex: flammability, rust, photosynthesis, toxicity, combustible, tarnishable

Non Ex: hardness

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Chemical Change

Chemical Change- A chemical reaction; a process that changes a substance into a new substance.

4 indicators- production of gas, changes in temperature, production of precipitation, or color change.

Ex: rusting iron, rat poison, tarnished silver, rotting food.

Non Ex: breaking glass

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